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I have a few favorite things in the world. Other than my obsession with shoes and mugs, my favorites include: a good camo print, any type of sports jersey, a moto boot, and a good sale. This outfit is a combo of all of my favorites at an ultimate cheap price.
I’ve spent years investing money into some great, long lasting designer pieces but let’s be real….everyone has a spot in their heart for fast fashion. Anything that you can get quick, on the cheap and can toss after a few wears is the perfect cure to a wardrobe problem on a budget.

Stores like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, and Wasteland have mixed both aspects of my favorites (designer and fast fashion) and given them a one stop shop for my wardrobe necessities. If you are willing to hunt, visit one of these “gently used” stores and dive right into the deals. Over the years I have scored anything from a killer Alexander Wang bag to a classic vintage rock t-shirt, at an affordable price so I can save the buyers remorse for another day.

I had been in the market for a great jersey, didn’t want to break the bank, but also didn’t want just a standard jersey. After searching through the racks at Buffalo Exchange, I found this amazing Pink Dolphin jersey (at $20!) that I just had to have. A great print, light weight for the summer, and just long enough to maybe wear as a dress….YES, PLEASE and Thank you! Paired with a SPANX shaper as a skirt (quick tip ladies for when that jersey isn’t just long enough to wear alone) and my closet classic Jeffrey Campbell boots, this is a toss on outfit perfect for the start to summer.

Jersey: Pink Dolphin
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Skirt: SPANX

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Photos by: Emily Malan

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