The Feel Good Thing








Now, who is really telling you to grow up? Aside from our busy, rat race lives, everyone has that one “feel good” thing that allows you to sit down, think, relax and channel your energy into something other than the everyday. Well, mine is clothes. This Mickey Mouse jersey is my “feel good” thing. I can obsess over clothes all day, and trust me…I do, but this piece can turn any frown upside down. I can sift through each closet, and know that mixed with a tough Adidas track jacket, shell toes, and a little leather, this Mickey Mouse jersey adds a little fun everyone needs to escape real life, even just for a moment. So, now I ask…what’s your “feel good” thing?

Jacket: Adidas
Tank Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Click for similar style
Shoes: Adidas
Backpack: Boardwalk Vintage

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xxx K.

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