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From the sun to the sand to the vast desert in California, sometimes you just have to get lost in the middle of nowhere. As our Palm Springs #girlgang set out on yet another adventure, we found ourselves wandering aimlessly in hopes of finding new spaces, new scenes and nature’s beauty across the west coast. We packed up the trusty Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and hit the road.
Nothing feels more fitting than traveling in style, comfort, and being ready for any activity that is thrown your way. En route to the Art Mecca of Slab City, Salvation Mountain, we coasted along making pit stops on the way. The salty air and the radiating heat of the Salton Sea, gave the perfect stopping point for a little soul searching, scene-gasping and a little exercise “pick me up” every long car ride screams for.
With a Reebok activewear look, to an everyday street-style look, Reebok is hitting a high note. The eye-catching prints, form fitting styles and bold colors give you versatility in your everyday style. From a beach side run to a long car ride, I felt comfortable, most importantly cool (I’m talking temperature) and perfectly stylish to take on anything this trip could throw our way.

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Sunglasses: Freyrs

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Photos by: Emily Malan

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