Lace Up & Go Low

lady k blogger stylist boohooHow low can you go?

We as women want to show off what we’ve got. Ya know, if you got it flaunt it! The lace up trend has been on fire lately, with everything ranging from bodysuits to skirts, dresses to tanks. Why not lace up and get low with some of the best of the best. This¬†body suit, from, retails for only $20.00. Yeah, I said it, $20.00. That’s like a week of lattes. So sacrifice your morning coffee routine, make a pot at home, and get to buying, because style that can come at a low price shouldn’t be passed up.

Oh and for the style tip, pair this bodysuit with a statement piece, because your outfit should reflect your personality, bold, loud and a conversation starter.


lady k blogger stylist boohoo lady k blogger stylist boohoo lady k blogger stylist boohoo

Jacket: Zara
Bodysuit: BoohooUSA
Denim: Fashion Nova

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