Mitsubishi Mama






Here’s to a week on the go.
Whether you are walking the mean streets of NYC or bopping around to some great jams on your morning commute in LA, life is about being on the go, staying active and doing the damn thing.
Today is dedicated to the cute and colorful Mitsubishi Mirage. I had this baby for a week to test out, cruise with, and ultimately bask in the fun of every moment in this new whip. After living in NYC for seven years and not owning a car, this car is the perfect balance of affordable, convenient and efficient. With the crisp, yet simple interior, bright exterior color palette, and the ability to really zip when you need it, this car is perfect for the gal or guy on the go or anyone new to driving. #drivemitsubishi

Outfit provided by: Asteria Active
Jacket: Reason Clothing

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xxx K.

Photos by: Emily Malan

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