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In a city where the sunsets are beautiful, the beach is accessible and the city life is vibrant, Los Angeles serves up a dose of palm trees and sun we can’t be mad about. While the beach-goers are surfing in the sun, the city is booming with young creatives, fresh talent and new ideas we just need to catch on to. Throughout my time in Los Angeles, I have met some amazing and unique people that are changing the fashion industry in a classic yet creative tone, and Eloise Lapidus is one of them. Fashion Designer Eloise Lapidus, daughter of couturier Ted Lapidus, is a California girl at heart with a French and German background. With inspiration deriving from the relaxed California lifestyle, Eloise created the line Bobo House to embody a sexy, classic, California vibe with a hint of cheeky french phrasing and style. Ultimate comfort + a touch of a certain je ne sais quois gives this line a touch of downtown with an uptown appeal for the modern day badass chick.

T-Shirt: Bobo House
Leather Jacket: Leather Jacket – See Similar
Skirt: See Similar
Shoes: NYLA Shoes
Rings: Moon Rocks To Roses

Check out more of Eloise Lapidus’ Bobo House Collections (past and present) HERE and score one of my favorite Embroidered Palm Tree Tee’s via Bobo House

Keep in the know of the Bobo House Bubble via Bobo Houses’ Instagram and check back to for more Bobo House styles in the next few weeks!

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Photos by: Emily Mohamed

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