A Fabu-LASH Fix






Eyelash extensions were never a thing I even considered getting, but then…I was changed. My daily dose of makeup usually consisted of just four simple things: mascara, foundation, eyeliner and a major lipstick that packs some punch. Minimal time with maximum results is always my motto when it comes to makeup. When Jill of ILashesbyJill invited me into her studio to see her lash talent, I was hooked. I was fascinated more than anything as she walked me through the eyelash extension application. With precision and poise, this chick knew exactly what style eyelashes fit my almond shaped eyes (she went for the dramatic cat-eye effect), she made me feel comfortable with the application process, and BOOM I had eyelash extensions.
At first I was hesitant, but now that my daily makeup routine is about 5-7 minutes long (yes….only 5-7 minutes) it’s a no-brainer. Also, on those no need for makeup days I still have a little touch of glam to help me along the way.

Visit, share, follow and experience Jill’s talent on Instagram and at www.ilashesbyjill.com and get that L.A eyelash fix, every girl deserves.

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xxx K.

Photos by: Tina Clara

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