The “All Day, Everyday” Essentials: Part 1







Life is ALL about convenience. Move to NYC and you will realize very quickly how 24 hours is not enough for a day, the art of getting your errands done is hard to master, and sending your laundry out to get washed, pressed and perfectly folded is a dream. If life has turned into the question of convenience, shouldn’t your wardrobe?
The Ladies of New York have trained themselves for these moments. The moments where you are in a pinch, need to throw something on, but have to look presentation ready in less than the amount of time it takes to finish your morning coffee. We have turned the love of small designer bags into finding the perfect backpack to fit all of our daily necessities and numerous outfit changes.
In my daily life, my leather backpack along with my Puma wedge sneakers are a must. For moving and grooving around the city, it’s all about a fashionable approach to always being comfortable and never having apologize to your feet at the end of the day!
These next three blog posts will show one skirt, one leather bag and a pair of shoes that are my essentials, along with a quick “outfit change” top and sunglasses for those “I have to get ready in a public bathroom but look amazing” days.
Say goodbye to the minutes needed to get ready and say Hello to this Pixie Market neoprene turtleneck. Talk about convenience, this turtleneck is a lightweight neoprene, has a effortless boxy fit, with plenty of room to breathe and an equal amount of attitude to share. Easily packable, but semi-bulky, you can throw this on with a cute skirt and a naked leg for the in-between season, or a killer pair of leather pants for a futuristic ski bunny look. Throw this Pixie Market top in your backpack for that much needed after work change, that will turn that LONG day into a night ready for anything.

Top: Pixie Market
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Skirt: Click for similar style
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Click for similar style

Check back for Part 2 of The “All Day, Everyday” Essentials next week for another quick outfit change to make your fashion life all about convenience!

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Photos by Maddy Talias

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