Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary

All creatives have a story, an idea, a concept that their heart beats for. In the madness of life, we live the hustle to make that creative dream come true. Whether we take less than exciting jobs to pay the bills, sell our souls to make ends meet, or just live the broke life, it’s that creative dream that keeps us going. Each week a new creative will share their story. This is a little glimpse of their lives, their hustle and how these tastemakers, minus the glitz and glamour, have molded their lives to live their dreams.

For the second installment of the “Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary” Meet Mary.


Mary, a triple threat photographer, journalist and all around badass is a jack of trades when it comes to the creative world. You can find her cruising in a vintage car, stopping state to state to visually document the best of middle America. Or, just simply spend a weekend in the woods with her as she captures some serious “game” of some of our nation’s best hunters. We will never know what magic creative genius Mary has up her sleeve, but maybe we can guess as she shares her story with us.

Age: 26
Company Name: Mary Newman Photo
Company Title/Position: Photographer
Additional Job/How You Make The Dough: I write for some small weekly Manhattan papers, and I also babysit regularly.

Why Photography:
I want to create work that is considered visual storytelling. I am always fascinated by different subcultures, and I love meeting new people. My work is a balance of portrait and environmental shots to tell a story.

Where did this career choice stem from?
In college I started discovering photographers like Alec Soth and Erika Larsen. They both document different regions and I was inspired by how committed they were to the communities they were photographing. Larsen spent several years documenting Swedish reindeer herders by living with different families, learning the language, and building real relationships with the people. I try building a trust like that in my work, no matter what the subject matter is.



How long have you been in the fashion game?
My mom has great style so I’ve always been interested in wearing great clothes since I was a kid. I used to devour Teen Vogue’s and was one of the few girls in my high school that knew anything about designers.

What’s your definition of fashion?
Fashion is a way we can introduce ourselves to the world, you can show parts of your personality to other people based on what you wear.

What’s your one favorite thing in your wardrobe and why?
Currently a black and white varsity jacket I bought last spring, but my all time favorite piece would have to be a lamb’s wool vest.

In three words, describe New York Fashion Week (be honest):
Chaotic but magical



If you could share one life/business/anything tip of advice or lesson to the world what would it be?
Be patient, after college I expected everything to happen pretty quickly. It takes a lot of time and networking to get things going, especially if you are trying to work in a creative industry.

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee all day, every day.


Mary’s “Money Shot” from her “Hunt” gallery via

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