Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary

All creatives have a story, an idea, a concept that their heart beats for. In the madness of life, we live the hustle to make that creative dream come true. Whether we take less than exciting jobs to pay the bills, sell our souls to make ends meet, or just live the broke life, it’s that creative dream that keeps us going. Each week a new creative will share their story. This is a little glimpse of their lives, their hustle and how these tastemakers, minus the glitz and glamour, have molded their lives to live their dreams.

For the third installment of the “Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary” Meet Wray.


Welcome to the World of Wray. This fashion tech meets concept creator successfully juggles a fun life filled with her perfect puppies, her own carefully curated fashion line and is one of the co-founders of Cloth App, a virtual closet at the touch of your fingertips. So what doesn’t she do? Wray invited me into her studio to share in her wild fashion world. This fashion genius not only creates pristine garments, but for all the tech loving individuals, she’s a mastermind supporting and feeding the fashion meets technology craze that has been a game changer in the fashion industry over the past few years. That digital closet we are constantly reminded of when we bask in the greatness of Clueless, check out Cloth App then send a big thank you Wray’s way.

Age: 30
Location: New York, NY
Company Name: Cloth App, Wray Collection
Company Title/Position: Co-Founder of Cloth App; Owner & Designer of Clothing line Wray

Why Cloth App & Wray Collection?
I co-created Cloth because I felt that there was a need for a mobile space for the fashion industry beyond Instagram, that and I love the ability to organize my wardrobe via an app. I have my BFA in design, which is my formal background. Designing and making things is a passion for me and no matter what I ever do I can’t imagine not creating products.

Where did Cloth App and Wray Collection stem from?
We came up with the idea for Cloth when I was taking photos of my outfits while packing for a trip, we took the concept and expanded on it, thus Cloth was born. My clothing line came about when I realized that there was something missing in my creative life. Wray is a collection of clothing that is born out of the various things I am inspired by when I travel.




How long have you been in the fashion game?
I started working for a designer helping her with computers and inventorying her goods when I was 13 years old and have been working in the industry on and off for the past 15 years or so.

What’s your definition of fashion?
Fashion to me is a collective conscious of the personal things one adorns and the appreciation for how outfits are put together. Even people who claim they don’t care about fashion do, anyone who wears clothing is part of it.

In three words, describe New York Fashion Week:
Busy, Busy, Busy



What’s your one favorite thing in your wardrobe and why?
My favorite thing would have to be my Grandmothers cable knit sweater. It will never go out of style and it reminds me of her.

If you could share one life/business/anything tip of advice or lesson to the world what would it be?
Do what makes you happy and above all else, start a bunch of projects you love and feel free to kill the ones off that are not working, eventually the one that works best will shine through. Failure is your very best friend, never be scared of it. If you hate your job, quit it and find a new one (that goes for relationships too).



Coffee or Tea?
Tea! Coffee, for whatever reason makes me feel like the world is about to end.

Additional “Whatever” you want to share:
I am coming out with a small shoe line in the fall! It is one of the most exciting things ever (to me) I will be selling to boutiques as well as via my website, check in soon!

We can’t forget Wray’s adorable pups!

Be sure to check out Wray Collection and of course download Cloth App and start the “Cloth” obsession.
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