Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary

All creatives have a story, an idea, a concept that their heart beats for. In the madness of life, we live the hustle to make that creative dream come true. Whether we take less than exciting jobs to pay the bills, sell our souls to make ends meet, or just live the broke life, it’s that creative dream that keeps us going. Each week a new creative will share their story. This is a little glimpse of their lives, their hustle and how these tastemakers, minus the glitz and glamour, have molded their lives to live their dreams.

For the fourth installment of the “Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary” Meet Courtney.


Courtney is the mastermind, creative genius, and go-to jewelry guru of Androgyny Design. This risk taking, all or nothing, career-driven chick shares with us the inside scoop on how she chose the right “unexplored path” to achieving ultimate happiness in all sectors of her everyday life. Courtney shows us her success in switching up her 9-5 fashion life to mix work, leisure, fun and love together to create the perfect lifestyle fit for her future.

Why Androgyny Design:
There was a point in my professional life where I came to a crossroads of continuing to seek out the work that I’d done for the last 4 years or to take a risk and go in a new direction, an unexplored path where I did something all my own. I took the latter. I went after a passion that was brewing since I was in 3rd grade
hosting jewelry parties with my friends. It’s been exactly a year since I made the tough choice, and I couldn’t be more confident in my decision.


Where did this creative idea/concept stem from?
Androgyny was born from a shared love of creating beautiful things from unexpected materials. It was a hobby that I shared with my husband, Jerad. In the very beginning we created jewelry from antique silverware, vintage keys, and hardware. We kept developing new ideas and perfecting the craft. It turned into a solid collection with a unique vision, so we decided to start an Etsy and promote via Instagram. The positive reactions we received prompted me to nurture it into an full line of jewelry.




How long have you been in the jewelry game?
I’ve been stringing beaded necklaces since I was old enough to be around such small objects, but Jerad and I started our hobby together in 2012. In January 2014, I officially took on the collection full time.


What’s your definition of style?
Style is defining who you are, owning that vision, and projecting your sense of self in everything that you surround yourself with; be it fashion, home decor, personal items, and especially jewelry. Everything I design stems from my own sense of style, and I create pieces that I personally would buy and treasure.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
In high school, my dream was to be a professional actress. I still imagine what it would be like from time to time.

What’s your one favorite thing in your jewelry collection and why?
My Fractured Earth Hair Pin from my latest collection. I’m forever throwing my hair in a bun because I don’t have time to fully style it. When I’m going out or want to elevate my look, the hair pin is the perfect touch.




If you could share one life/business/anything tip of advice or lesson to the world
what would it be?

To those thinking of breaking off on their own…Take risks. Trust in the universe. Have tunnel vision until all your goals are met.

Coffee or Tea?
Both! Coffee in the morning and tea before bedtime.


Additional “Whatever” you want to share:
Looking back at the beginning of my career. I did just about everything under the fashion umbrella from trend research to bookkeeping, and I remember scoffing some of it off because it wasn’t my ‘dream job’. I’m realizing now, I use every bit of it for Androgyny, and I’m so thankful for the experiences that led me here.

Courtney sitting pretty in her Androgyny Design studio

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