Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary

All creatives have a story, an idea, a concept that their heart beats for. In the madness of life, we live the hustle to make that creative dream come true. Whether we take less than exciting jobs to pay the bills, sell our souls to make ends meet, or just live the broke life, it’s that creative dream that keeps us going. Each week a new creative will share their story. This is a little glimpse of their lives, their hustle and how these tastemakers, minus the glitz and glamour, have molded their lives to live their dreams.

For the first installment of the “Exposed: The Truth Behind A Visionary” Meet Emily.


Emily Malan, fashion’s fun, witty and down to earth street style photographer can be found body checking other photographers during Fashion Week. She shares with us her life from San Francisco to New York, Europe and beyond, and gives us the inside scoop on the real nitty gritty of being one of the most exclusive street style photographers in the fashion game.

Age: 25
Location: New York City
Company Name: Emily Malan
Company Title/Position: Fashion Photographer

Why Fashion Photography:
I’ve always grown up around art, my mom was a freelance graphic designer in Silicon Valley in the 70’s and 80’s, then transitioned into making sculptures and also does printmaking. I’ve always figured I’d do something creative but never wanted to be like my mom and picked up a camera when I was 11 and haven’t put it down since.

Where did this career choice stem from?
I started taking the idea of working as a photographer for a career more seriously my senior year of high school- applied to art schools both in LA and in NYC. I had no idea what type of photography I wanted to do. I had a subscription to Vogue and I would create mood boards by tearing out editorials from the issues. I thought it’d be cool to shoot fashion for editorial and advertising, even though the work I had created in high school didn’t include people.
When I settled into a private art college in LA, I was introduced to many genres and paths within the photography industry and I had abandoned the idea of being a fashion photographer until I ended up taking a fashion photography class a year before I graduated. One thing lead to another and another and here I am traveling to Paris Fashion Week to catching shots of Kanye for Vanity Fair. Who would’ve thought that would happen?


How long have you been in the fashion game?
4 years and counting

What’s your definition of fashion?
Objects you wear that fit your personality.
Fashion is fun, but it’s easy to get caught up in it. It’s something that is taken way too seriously sometimes.

What’s your one favorite thing in your wardrobe and why?
I love this gold double finger knuckle ring I got from TopShop, mostly because I had some cool knuckle rings that keep getting taken away from me at TSA for being a “weapon” and this one hasn’t been taken away from me yet.


In three words, describe New York Fashion Week (be honest):
Too many photographers.

If you could share one life/business/anything tip of advice or lesson to the world what would it be?
Save your money, even if its just half or a small portion of your paycheck.
Eventually, It’ll add up and go a long way.

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee! Americanos, cold brew from Stumptown, New Orleans ice coffee from
Blue Bottle. I need an IV coffee drip.



Emily’s “Money Shot” from her month long Fashion Week life.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
My life is not as glamorous as it is portrayed on my instagram.

An extra “Whatever” of Emily:
What happened to those Lay’s cheeseburger potato chips from Paris? Asking for myself.

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