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Fashion is about taking risks, having fun and being the true you. There is nothing better after a holiday weekend than keeping the cheer going and adding a little crazy to your wardrobe. Since making the move to Los Angeles the amount of thrift shopping has gone from a normal amount to outrageous. Just taking a quick walk down Melrose Avenue and popping into some of the best thrift stores, or casually bumping into the vintage truck that travels around the city, the vintage scene here is on point! I’ve accumulated some of the best finds from $2.00 T-Shirts and $8.00 Levi’s Denim to great leather bags and various amazing hats, that thrift store shopping has turned into a sport. Shopping seems to be the perfect sport to add the athletic activity list of life, seated right next to running and spinning.
While cruising around Santa Monica snapping photos and enjoying the day, Jason of the Dig Rigg, invited us in to get the scoop on his fashion truck. Jason searches high and low for the best of the best vintage to resell through his truck “The Dig Rig” that he travels around California and parks in all the hot spots. Talk about fashion on wheels. After hanging with Jason for the day, I went on my merry way, One Chicago Bulls T-Shirt, One Los Angeles Raiders (yes, I said LA Raiders) T-Shirt, and One Orlando Magic T-Shirt richer.

Check out the Dig Rigg’s Instagram and reach out to Jason if you see anything you like, he ships so don’t be shy!

Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Marais USA
Top:Vintage – See Similar
Denim: See Similar Style
Hat: See Similar Style

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Photos by: Tina Clara

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