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This past week was a GOOD ONE! What better way to celebrate a great life, todays less then stellar weather, and a temperature drop that makes us want to hide in the corner and cry, than with your favorite grandpa sweater. Whether you raid an old man’s closet, dust off an attic find that smells like 1970, score a knitted gem at Goodwill, or buy one of these Giu Giu deal breakers, everyone needs some KNIT in their lives. Nothing brings light to a gloomy day more than a mix of prints, textures and colors. So grab your favorite burger bag, a wicked pair of printed Y.R.U boots, and pile on the knitted layers to comfortably gear up for whats to come.

Sweater: Giu Giu
Scarf that is really a sweater: Giu Giu
Pants: Shop Similar Style
Shoes: Y.R.U
Delicious Clutch: ASOS

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xxx K.

Photos by Emily Malan

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  1. by Meghan G. on January 19, 2015  9:07 am

    I cannot get over that Delicious Burger Clutch. MUST. HAVE. NOW.

    PS - Congrats on putting together such an awesome blog! I always knew you'd do something fabulous like this! (We met while abroad with FIT in Italy.) You rock, girl!

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