Le Jolie Love Part: 3

Oh man, what a fashion Le Jolie week!

To wrap up an incredible week of designer duds, I can’t help but thank Le Jolie for giving me some solid styling time with the incredible Le Jolie team! XO
Here’s a recap of the wonder of Le Jolie, my time with their team, and their payment program that will make any fashion savvy girl too excited for words.

The team at Le Jolie invited me to their L.A. office to talk fashion, pair together some killer outfits, and shoot some awesome looks highlighting the unique concept of Le Jolie. Unlike other online retailers who sell designer and vintage goods at full cost or a one time sale, Le Jolie takes a different approach to making designer chic affordable without breaking the bank. Say Hello to being able to buy some of the best in the fashion game with Le Jolie’s financing program. With their motto “Access to Excess” Le Jolie offers their customers flexible payments on a monthly plan. The no interest, no fee, monthly plan allows customers to obtain luxury merchandise with the option to pay it off in segments. Those knee high Gucci studded boots you have been dreaming of, or that staple Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag you would sell your limbs for, are no longer at an unreachable cost. Thanks to Le Jolie, we can buy those Prada heels using just a little bit of this weeks paycheck and work our way to paying them off with next weeks.

Here’s the last of this week’s three-piece segment featuring some designer duds available to buy on www.LeJolie.com.
Shop away babes, and don’t forget to check back for new gear via www.LeJolie.com





Leather Jacket: Gucci
Dress: Gucci
Pants: Le Boutique

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xxx K.

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