One Year Older, One Year Wiser: The Anniversary Edit


To all My Followers, Collaborators, Friends and Family, THANK YOU!
This past year has been nothing short of amazing, and I couldn’t have made it to this point without all of you! There’s no better gift on my birthday than sharing this day with “The Lady K” One Year Anniversary. Over this past year, I’ve had the chance to work with some unbelievable artists, have gained inspiration from my followers and supporters and have just had a good ol’ stylish time along the way.

This One Year Anniversary of Style, Inspiration, Motivation and Determination is dedicated to all of you.
I raise a nice glass of champagne to all of you, and am excited to see what the magic of year #2 brings.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this past year, and check back for more to come.

Stay stylish, stay wonderful, and keep on chasing those dreams.

Time Out New York Feature & Interview: Most stylish New Yorkers: Fashion blogger Kristi Scarrozzo
Behind the Scenes: Time Out New York – Photo by: Loren Wohl

NYLON Magazine Feature & Interview: Get To Know Stylist Kristi Scarrozzo & Shop The Lady K Collection – Photo by: Suzanne Darcy of Nylon Magazine

Pixie Market Feature & Interview: #Pixiemarketgirl Spotted: Kristi Scarrozzo of The Lady K
It’s A Match – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Easy Like Sunday Morning – Photo by: Mary Newman

The “All Day, Everyday” Essentials: Part 2 – Photo by: Maddy Talias

Pixie Market Feature: #Pixiemarketgirl Spotted: Kristi Scarrozzo of The Lady K
Daily Dose of Denim – Photo by: Loren Wohl

More from this shoot and interview featured on: Cloth App
Glitterati Gal – Photo by: Mary Newman

Sneak Peek: Young & Able Editorial – Photo by: Emily Malan

Gridiron Gal – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Mountains for Breakfast – Photo by: Loren Wohl

The No Pants Dance – Photo by: Loren Wohl

The “All Day, Everyday” Essentials: Part 1 – Photo by: Maddy Talias

What the F$%K – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Crop Toppin’ – Photo by: Mary Newman

Mugshot Monday #1 – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Turtle Club – Photo by: Mary Newman

All Torn Up – Photo by: Loren Wohl

A Down Home Good Time: Part 1

Asteria Active: From Park to Post Workout – Photo by: Emily Malan

Kickin’ Back With the Classics – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Linked Together, Chained Up – Photo by: Andrea Anderson

Print & Play – Photo by: Loren Wohl

The – Photo by: Emily Malan

Space Case – Photo by: Loren Wohl

A Down Home Good Time
A Down Home Good Time: PART 2

Marrakech Meets 90’s Manhattan – Photo by: Loren Wohl

The “All Day, Everyday Essentials: Part 3 – Photo by: Maddy Talias

Courtside Crisp – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Accessories Edit: A Dino & A Daisy – Photo by: Andrea Anderson

Straight to the Streets – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Just Another Grandpa Sweater – Photo by: Emily Malan

Oh So Varsity – Photo by: Loren Wohl

In A Sea of Colors – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Leather Weather in a Print Paradise – Photo by: Mary Newman

Give Thanks For Thrifting – Photo by: Loren Wohl

Foxin’ – Photo by: Loren Wohl

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  1. by theladymwithatan on January 7, 2015  10:29 am

    What a wonderful montage of memories for the first successful year of theladyk.
    You are simply the best! Watch out 2015 as Kristi rocks LA!!! You go girl! Your number one fan:-)

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