To Workout or Not To Workout: Asteria Active









A spinning class, cardio session or full on pilates workout can either seem like a joyous activity, or just something that is downright awful. Everyone has those days of waking up with the motivation to take on the world by foot one mile at a time, or the most workout that sounds necessary is the act of taking a shower. There have been numerous times where I have traded the gym or a daily run for a classic cardio workout shopping or buying new shoes. The perfect outfit cure for both: Asteria Active. Asteria Active gives the necessary balance between street life and gym life, offering ultimate comfort and wearability in a stylish way. Whether mixing and matching an activewear top to a workout pant, or tossing on a leather jacket post workout, Asteria Active is the answer to the best outfit, before, after or throughout your gym workout….or shopping workout.

Tank Top: Asteria Active
Leggings: Asteria Active
Jacket: UNIF – See Similar
Sneakerboots: NIKE – See Similar
Bag: PUMA – See Similar

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Photos by: Emily Malan

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