The “All Day, Everyday” Essentials: Part 3







Nothing beats an oversized top for those “hard to get out of bed mornings”. I started my collection years back of everything oversized. Oversized t-shirts, oversized grandpa sweaters, and oversized jerseys rule my life. The ease of just throwing them on with a pair of heels gives a name to lazy, yet easy fashion. This Pixie Market oversized jersey gives any sports obsessed lady a glitzy treat to add to their wardrobe. Paired with my “all day, everyday” essentials, this top is the perfect funky toss-on to complete an outfit. With the sparkle factor at an all time high, a great blue/green color palette and a little sporty edge, who wouldn’t want to have this Pixie Market top in their closet?

Top: Pixie Market
Sunglasses: Click for similar style
Skirt: Click for similar style
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Click for similar style

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Photos by Maddy Talias

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