Mugshot Monday #4

Mugshot Monday #4

For the LOVE of everything but MONDAYS!
This mug started off my crazy collection of unique and quirky mugs, and let me tell you, when I bought it it was love at first sight! This is my daily reminder to have some love in your life. Love of good food (even if it makes you feel a little fat), love of a good cocktail (even if you don’t make it home in one piece after drinking it), love of the people around you (even if they tend to piss you off every once in a while) and most of all LOVE for yourself (even if sometimes you question the who, what, when, where, how and why of your life).

On a side note, when initially posting this morning half asleep, this post title was misspelled as “Mugshit Monday #4″….good morning!

Keep on checkin’ back every other Monday for a new mugshot to keep your mind off the mistakes you made over the weekend.

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Photo by Loren Wohl

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