The “All Day, Everyday” Essentials: Part 2








All ladies have that one thing that they buy because the art of it is amazing, but still feel like is a wardrobe must. You spend the money on it, but for some reason the satisfaction of it hanging in your closet, unworn but gorgeous, is enough to justify the purchase. I bought this reversible jacket a few years back from ZARA and could honestly say I’ve worn it a handful of times. Yes it’s badass, but for some reason, just seeing it in my closet makes me want to have it forever, so the risk of wearing it is scary in itself.
This jacket, when taken out of my fashion vault, is a must for the fall season and a perfect layer for a funky fit. The bomber look is always good to add a little sport to an outfit, but the added oriental embroidery takes it to the next level. The ease of wearing my “everyday essentials” paired with this on top gives the outfit the extra edge that gives me hope on those “i’d rather stay in bed” days.

Top: Zara
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Skirt: Click for similar style
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Click for similar style

Check back for Part 3 of The “All Day, Everyday” Essentials this week for another quick outfit change to make your fashion life all about convenience!

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Photos by Maddy Talias

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